Lifelong Learning Implementation Plan

The Lifelong Learning (LL) courses are one of the main outputs of IMPAQT project, which objective is to summarize essential knowledge embedded in the current innovative developed program into short professional development courses, with significant practical content, aiming at filling the gap for professional architects and urban designers between the foundation they have acquired during their academic life and the integrative, multi-disciplinary nature and role they are supposed to embrace in their work bringing back people to the forefront of their considerations.

Four independent tracks have been considered essential for that objective:
  1. Integrative Approaches and Tools
  2. Building Ecology
  3. Contemporary City and Public Space
  4. Human Aspects

LL courses are designed to provide participants maximum flexibility. They are structured as follows:

  • Each course would be considered a “unit”, if taken independently, the participant would get a “certificate of attendance”
  • Three units can be combined to form a “module”, the participant would get a “module certificate”
  • Completing at least six courses, the participant would get a “professional certificate” (in any of the tracks)

The Professional certificates in any of the 4 tracks are restricted to be attained in a period that does not exceed 3 years.

LL courses will be implemented during the academic year 2019 / 2020 as well as during summer 2020 mainly, but not exclusively, at NU. They could be implemented at other EG academic partners as well.

The EU partners will participate in the implementation of these courses during the lifetime of the IMPAQT project. They will come for short periods of time to Egypt to do so. Those intense “crash courses” will serve as a TOT to ensure capacity building of the faculty members who will sustain teaching those courses in the different EG institutions.


Participants in the LL courses will include faculty members from NU, SCU, AU, ASU, HBRC and ECG who will be teaching those courses in their respective institutions as well as potential faculty members at NU and other invitees from graduate students and practitioners according to their interest with total 20-30 attendees per course.


Participants of a course (unit) receive their certificates (certificate of attendance) only if they attend at least 80% of the course.

The Implemented Courses: