EU and EG accreditation

EG accreditation:

Accreditation in EG is a mandatory step without which any EG university is not allowed to offer any academic program. The EG accreditation is a two-stage process,

  • First, with the Supreme Council of Universities to approve the bylaws, the curriculum, the course descriptions and the program objectives and outcomes.
  • Second (for private and not-for-profit universities), with the council of private and not-for-profit universities, which is concerned with the adequacy of the human resources (teaching staff), labs and academic resources verification to assure the ability of the university to offer the program in the most efficient way.
After approval of both councils, public announcement is made and a formal statement will be published in the official university website.

approval approval

EU accreditation:

Three stages of activities shall be carried out during the lifetime of the project for EU accreditation:

  • ECTS compliance.
  • Accreditation according to EU quality assurance system.
  • Exchange/ study abroad program agreements with EU academic institutions.