Construction Management and Project Planning

A- Course Main Information

Course Title

Construction Management and Project Planning

“Construction documents, BOQ, Tender Documents, Site Supervision

/Project Management”


40 Hours (10*4 Hours) — 5 pm to 9 pm


Fall 2019


HBRC, Dokki, Giza, Egypt

B- Professional Information








1. Course description

This Course explores the restrictions and processes which the professional designer

needs to comply with when dealing with the wider context of the profession and focuses on the administrative procedure of design practice.

The course is subdivided into two categories; Const. doc BOQ Tender Doc. specifically concerned with producing the project unpriced Bill of Quantity for the Architecture and ID works only in all project phases (schematic through tender submission). Perform a Cost Estimate Process for the works of Electrical (Power, Conveying, and Communication & Security System), HVAC, Mechanical, Architectural, Structural, Landscape and Infrastructure. Perform a final review of the BOQs and Cost Estimate Lists before submission. Provide guidelines for the proper Bid Evaluation of projects. Contractor pre-qualification that is a process by which a bidder on a construction project is evaluated in order to determine whether the bidder has the skill, judgment, integrity, sufficient financial resources and the ability required to complete the required performance of a contract relating to construction work. Site Supervision / Project Management targets creating a consistent management style among all types of projects. Familiarization with project management professional (PMP) state-of-the-art. Understanding different

responsibilities, roles & functions within a project.





2. Intended Learning Outcomes of Course (ILOs)

By the end of this course participants should be able to:

a) Knowledge and Understanding

1.      Understand the design project processes from the first step until the

project final handover to the client.

2.      Studying project management and its relation to the design and construction phases.

b) Professional and Practical Skills

1.      Project planning and coordination.

2.      Integration of design process from conception to construction.

3.      Project estimate and budgeting.

4.      Project management scheduling techniques and delivery.

5.      Business ethics.

Topics in details

Total hours

Lecture (1): 23-12-2019

•         Course introduction

•        The project steps (from A to Z)




Lecture (2): 25-12-2019


•         Project Planning and coordination

•         Integration between design and construction


Lecture (3): 30-12-2019

•         Project estimation and budgeting

•         Project scheduling



Lecture (4): 1-1-2020

•         Tender Documents

•         Technical Specification

•         Bill of quantities.




Lecture (5): 8-1-2020

•         Design Contracts

•         Construction Contracts



Lecture (6): 13-1-2020


•         Project construction process.

•         Project documentation.

•         Project Delivery




Lecture (7): 15-1-2020


•         Building Economics (VE and LCCA)



Lecture (8): 20-1-2020


•         Construction laws

•         Engineering and business ethics



Lecture (9): 22-1-2020


•         Case Studies



Final Presentation: 27-1-2020


Course Instructor:

Dr.      Mohamed